New Energy Metals

New Energy Metals

2019 – Full website, company tagline, podcast, investor package, prezi presentation, social media campaign.
Charging the Future

A recent example of an Empire State full website build, I served as copywriter, content creator and project manager on this account.

A junior mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition of new energy metals for the renewable energy market, NEM and I embarked on a lengthy brand exploration to identify their core message and define the ultimate goals of their website. Through this process it became clear that the company wanted to reach out to a more diverse investor audience alongside their seasoned investor base. To appeal to both I decided that we would have to 1.) demystify mineral exploration, 2.) illustrate how crucial the industry is to our modern world, and 3.) make it interesting enough that even a non-investor would read the content.

I accomplished all this by crafting content that is both approachable and informative, working hard to ensure that I created value for any visitor to the site. Within 24 hours of the website going live, the company was fielding multiple requests for investor kits.

Project Manager:
Kristen Ross, WWM.

Graphic Designer:
Michael Marsland-Root, Red Five Design.

Kristen Ross, WWM.