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Marketing Campaign of the Year, 2018.

Gabriola Park is an upscale residential development located in British Columbia, Canada. As the sole copywriter on the project, I was tasked with creating a campaign that would appeal to their target demographic by evoking a deep sense of nostalgia for the simpler things in life.

Our creative team achieved tremendous results and were awarded two Grand Georgie Awards® for our work on the project.


2018 Marketing Campaign of the Year.
2018 Sales Center of the Year.


2018 Advertising Campaign of the Year.
2018 Project Website of the Year.


Gabriola Park Residential Development

2018 Best Corporate/Project Website.
2018 Best Advertising.
2018 Residential Community of the Year.

Great copywriting is about more than words – it’s about finding your voice in a world that’s often a little too loud.

Specificity & Clarity

A senior copywriter and brand strategist, I worked as a freelancer for many years before joining the team at BOALT’s Miami office in 2020. Before that I gained my obligatory Big Agency experience and also worked in television.

In all these years, I have learned a thing or two about what works. Likewise, I have never met a client who — no matter how big or small their business is — could not benefit from improving upon the specificity & clarity of their brand and messaging.

As a result, it probably won’t come as a surprise that this has become my mantra in crafting copy. In order to find your voice, first we need to distill what it is you do, how you do it, and why.

This is the essence of my approach to copywriting.

And it works.

Kristen has been providing our organization with dynamic, engaging written copy for years and has been a pleasure to work with. Her wit and creative flair shines through in every project, along with her command of consumer and B2B communications tactics that help to drive results. She is very responsive to feedback and a delightful collaborator. I would highly recommend Kristen to anyone looking for imaginative and effective creative copy.
Chris GoldadeCreative Director, Media Button